Our Mission and Goal

Our program is designed to increase the students’ ability to express themselves fluently, logically and confidently through various activities such as debates, public speaking, research, discussions, persuasive writing, etc.

The rapid development paths in front of teenagers are full of technical challenges and competitions, which compel them to learn ever more hard skills at the expense of equally important soft skills that should be learned in the early years of education. Soft skills refer to logic, critical thinking, language, interpersonal communication, and more.

Ellisha Yao Yue Sheng, our student mentor for our Sapling Program (Hong Kong English calls it Young Crop Program), has meticulously designed a “Track Learning” course. Together with her team members, a band of well accomplished all-rounded students with positive energy and good moral, they teach elementary school students language skills in reading, listening, writing, expression, and debate in a fascinating way through game playing. In the course, students are motivated to learn with initiative, motivation, build self-confidence, thereby enabling them to effectively communicate and cooperate with others in school and future workplace.

Through the program, soft skills will be taught for the life long benefits of young students!

Trajectile Youth is recruiting members